Commercial Kitchen Maintenance in Chislehurst

We offer a range of commercial kitchen maintenance services in Chislehurst, including grease and fryer management and fridge and freezer door seal replacement. 

It’s imperative that a commercial kitchen is able to keep ticking over without any interruption or interference. At Filta, we aim to take the stress out of running your commercial kitchen with all kinds of maintenance, including replacement fridge and freezer door seals, grease management and total fryer management services to ensure that your business can operate as smoothly as possible.

Do you require our maintenance for your commercial kitchen? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry on 01788 550100 and we’d be glad to help!

Our Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Fridge and freezer door seal maintenance

Commercial Kitchen Service

Any fridge or freezer door seal can start to weather over time. Seals can crack and when this happens, it becomes impossible for a fridge or freezer to stay at its regulated temperature. Cold air can escape from a fridge or freezer when there’s a broken seal, meaning that food will likely go off quicker, but also that the appliance has to work overtime to stay cold; this can result in an increase in energy bills.

Our FiltaSeal service van will come directly to your commercial kitchen and manufacture and fit your new door seal on site and in a single trip! Contact us on 01788 550100 for more information.

Grease management experts

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Correctly disposing of fats, oils and grease (FOG) is a priority for any commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens without sufficient FOG management systems often suffer from blocked drains, which can cause problems all year round. This can lead to flooding and eventually, having your kitchen closed temporarily whilst a grease management team treats your pipes.

It can be extremely costly to repair pipes, not to mention the revenue you lose over closing a commercial kitchen. Regular commercial kitchen maintenance can be a more affordable way of dealing with FOG. Contact us for more information about our FiltaFOG services for your commercial kitchen.

Complete Fryer & Oil Filtration Maintenance

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Services

Our trained experts can clean a fryer in just 20 minutes. Regular maintenance of your fryer can double its lifespan and reduce frying costs in the long term, meaning that you don’t have to replace a fryer too soon or close down your kitchen because of a breakdown. Our oil filtration service helps you to deliver better food at an excellent cost.

Are you looking for professional fryer and oil filtration services for your commercial kitchen? Get in touch today for our FiltaFry services and begin saving money on your cooking oil costs!

Our commercial kitchen services are designed to help you save both time and money on your day to day activities. Whether you work at a restaurant, catering company, store or anywhere else in the food industry, we can help! Contact us on 01788 550100.