Cooking oil disposal for commercial kitchens in London

Ensure your cooking oil disposal is carried out responsibly and legally with our range of commercial kitchen grease management solutions in London. Due to our many years of experience, we don’t subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ way of thinking but rather take the time to understand each business’ unique requirements.

We begin with a site survey to accurately assess the needs of your commercial kitchen and then design and create a grease management solution tailored to the specific requirements of your business. One of our trained technicians will install the equipment at a time that suits you and the work is usually completed within minutes for minimum disruption. We can then arrange for planned maintenance and service visits throughout the year to ensure your cooking oil disposal unit continues to perform properly and keeps your kitchen running smoothly.

To find out more information about our cooking oil disposal process for commercial kitchens in London, please get in touch today on 01788 550100.

Our cooking oil disposal products:

  • Grease traps: the most effective method of protecting your commercial drainage systems from fats, oils and grease (FOGs). Our team will design the grease trap for your individual kitchen to ensure optimal performance.
  • Grease recovery units: specially designed to reduce the operational and cleaning costs of a grease trap, a grease recovery unit filters FOGs and food waste during the pre-rinse and wash process.
  • Bacterial drain dosing: an alternative cooking oil disposal solution to grease traps which works using high concentrations of non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacteria.

Responsible Cooking Oil Disposal in London

Cooking oil should never be poured down the sink as it congeals and solidifies as it cools, forming blockages in your pipes and drains which can be costly and time consuming to repair. What’s more, cooking oil can damage the wider environment as it gets into our waterways, rivers and lakes; one of the main reasons for the tight legislation surrounding cooking oil disposal.

To protect both your commercial kitchen drains and the environment, cooking oil must be disposed of in a responsible way to be recycled, such as a bespoke waste management system from Filta Environmental, a professional waste management company with a specialist area in responsible cooking oil disposal.

Cooking Oil Disposal Legislation

As experienced and professional cooking oil disposal experts in London, we understand the intricacies surrounding the correct disposal of FOGs and how important continued compliance is to the success and smooth running of your business.

Filta’s experts keep up to date with all waste legislation to guarantee all our waste management services are fully compliant so you can rest assured your commercial kitchen will be protected from the serious consequences of failing to adhere to these policies. To learn more or if you are concerned about your kitchen's legal responsibilities, please contact our team today on 01788 550100 and we'll be happy to help.

Our service is carried out in 3 Stages:

Site Survey

Site Survey

Filta will survey your establishment, to correctly identify your requirements.



Our trained engineers will install a grease management system to suit your needs.



On a regular basis, we will ensure the equipment is working effectively & efficiently.

For more information about our cooking oil disposal management products and services or to discuss the requirements of your commercial kitchen in London, contact our team on 01788 550100.