Door Seals for Commercial Freezers Northumberland

A broken door seal can cause your commercial freezer to work less efficiently. Our replacement doors seals will get your commercial freezers back in working order. A damaged freezer door seal will allow cold air to escape, which can result in extra food waste and cause potential health hazards for customers; thankfully, our team of freezer door replacement experts are on hand to meet your requirements in Northumberland.

Do you require replacement seals for your commercial freezers? We manufacture and fit seals on site for just about any make or model. Contact us on 01788 550100.

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Do I need replacement doors seals for my commercial freezers?

If your commercial freezer shows any of these signs, then there’s a good chance that it requires a replacement door seal:

  • The door seal is peeling away from the freezer
  • Pools of water at the bottom of your freezer
  • There are tears on your freezer door seal
  • Your freezer door seals are showing signs of mould
  • Your freezer door does not remain closed
  • Your freezer door seals appear stained 

Have you spotted any of these signs of door seal damage on your commercial freezer? Contact us to have one of our professional engineers take a look.

replacement doors seals commercial freezers

Why are door seals for commercial freezers important?

A door seal acts as an airtight barrier between the inside and outside of your freezer, preventing cool air from escaping and warm air from coming in. If your freezer door seal becomes damaged, the appliance will need to work up to three times harder to ensure that its internal temperature stays consistent. This means it uses three times more energy, resulting in a significant increase in your energy bills.

As well as costing your business more money, a freezer with a damaged door seal can lead to food expiring more quickly, an increase in waste, and presents the risk of food poisoning due to food being stored at the incorrect temperature.

It is essential to replace your freezer door seals as soon as you begin to see signs of damage to preserve your establishment's budget and reputation. For more information on our replacement fridge and freezer door seal replacement service in Northumberland, don't hesitate to contact us!

We fit seals for:

Upright Refrigerator Cabinets
Under Counter Chillers/ Freezer Bottle Coolers
Chest Freezers
Cold Drawers
Walk-in Chiller Cold Rooms
Walk-in Freezer Cold Rooms

Our FiltaSeal service

We manufacture all of our FiltaSeal replacement commercial freezer door seals on-site in our FiltaSeal Van with the use of patented technology. This allows us to create door seals for almost any make or model of commercial freezer. Our service can be offered on site in a single visit, with an engineer who can ensure you get the right freezer door seal with minimal disruption.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for a replacement door seal for your commercial freezer. We work quickly and efficiently, and won't get in the way of your daily work.