Commercial Kitchen Services Hartlepool

We've been providing replacement freezer and fridge door seals, grease management and total fryer management services for commercial kitchens in Hartlepool since 1996, to ensure that your food business continues to operate as smoothly as possible.

Do you require our services for your commercial kitchen? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry on 01788 550100 and we’d be glad to help!

Our Commercial Kitchen Services in Hartlepool


FiltaSeal - Fridge & Freezer Seal Replacement

Replacement fridge and freezer door seals

Have the door seals in your commercial kitchen’s fridge or freezer started to look weathered and become inefficient? Effective fridge and freezer door seals are more important than you might first suspect, as they help keep the interior at a regulated temperature. If the seal is broken and cold air is allowed to escape, your unit will have to expend more energy, increasing your electricity bills and potentially leading to an increase in waste food products.

Our FiltaSeal service van will come directly to your commercial kitchen and manufacture and fit your new door seal on site and in a single trip! Contact us on 01788 550100 for more information.

Grease management experts

Do you have a problem with fat oils and grease (FOG) disposal in your commercial kitchen? Many commercial kitchens do not have the sufficient FOG management system in place, which can lead to blocked drains, which is both inefficient for your business and can lead to more serious flooding.

Without an effective FOG management system in place, you are putting your business at risk of losing a lot of time and money on repairs that could have been avoided with one of our systems. Contact us for more information about our FiltaFOG services for your commercial kitchen.

FiltaFOG – Complete Grease & Drain Treatment

FiltaFry - Cooking Oil Filtration & Fryer Management Service

Complete Fryer & Oil Filtration Services

Food quality is at the heart of most commercial kitchens and our fryer and oil filtration service helps you to deliver better food at an excellent cost. Our oil filtration system reduces your frying costs by doubling the life span of your cooking oil and one of our trained professionals can comprehensively clean your fryer in just 20 minutes, ensuring that your business is not disrupted for long periods.

Are you looking for professional fryer and oil filtration services for your commercial kitchen? Get in touch today for our FiltaFry services and begin saving money on your cooking oil costs!

Commercial Drainage Solutions

We offer a range of drainage services to commercial establishments across the country, including drain-line jetting, drainage reports, drainage system mapping, drain repair, re-lining and much more.

FiltaDrain – Drain Jetting & Maintenance Service

FiltaPump - Wastewater Pumping & Treatment

Commercial Pumping Solutions

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wastewater products and services, we stock and supply equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and can often supply it to you for much less than the manufacturers’ quoted list price. Whether you require sewage or stormwater pumping station, individual pumps, floats, control panel or alarm systems we can help.

Automated Extraction Cleaning System

FiltaVent contributes to keeping your kitchen ductwork clean toTR19 standards, 365 days a year.

The service uses biotechnology to stop the accumulation of FOG from the outset. Biological enzymes are sprayed directly into the ventilation system by specially installed nozzles.

FiltaVent – Automated Extraction Cleaning System

Our commercial kitchen services in Hartlepool are designed to help you save both time and money on your day to day activities. Whether you work at a restaurant, catering company, store or anywhere else in the food industry, we can help! Contact us on 01788 550100.