Custom grease management solutions:

Years of experience has taught us that no two sites are ever exactly the same.  For this reason we don't subscribe to a "one size fits all" solution for grease management. Our preferred method of business is to complete a site survey before we recommend equipment or a maintenance schedule. This allows us to tailor a service that in our best judgement is ideal for your particular needs and circumstances whether your establishment is a small local restaurant, a large skyscraper, a sports stadium or any other hot food catering establishment.

For a professional drainage and grease management solution you can rely on, contact the experts today on 01788 550100

Why Choose us?

  • Makes you completely compliant with current ‘Environmental Legislation Acts’
  • A total managed system which requires no input from the user
  • Hassle free mobilisation, all equipment installed in minutes by one of our trained technicians
  • It is a complete Fit & Forget system
  • Planned return visits throughout the year to fully maintain system and replenish enzymes
  • All battery powered – does not use any mains power
  • Helps prevent costly blockages and bad smells