Grease Traps for FOG Problems

Blocked drains? Foul odours? Failing a sewage plant or pump station? Problems with the water authority? Fat, oil and grease is an inherent by-product of commercial catering generated through the washing of pots, pans, plates and utensils.

Traditionally, restaurant operators have suffered repeat drain problems assuming that blockages are ‘part and parcel’ of running food serving premises. However, with effective grease management in place you can prevent drain problems – permanently.

At Filta we solve FOG problems

We do this by installing the right equipment in the right location - a grease trap or biological grease treatment dosing system. We have solved drainage problems for 100's of companies across the UK, from restaurants to pubs, department stores and supermarkets.

Solving problems for major Supermarket Group

We recently solved a problem for a supermarket which was suffering from blocked drains on a monthly basis. Six months after the equipment was installed they still had not had a single problem.

Every site is different

Wherever you are in the UK, we carry out a survey at no charge, this can range from a surface only investigation where we will inspect the drain layout and condition of chambers to a full drain mapping service.

If the problem is grease-related we will let you know - we will also let you know if it is not. If you are suffering from drainage problems, issues with compliance or simply need a grease trap please call our FOG team on 01788 550100 and we will advise the best solution for you.

Below are just a few customers we have solved problems for:

"The Grease Guzzler unit was installed in January 2005 and we are very pleased with it. It really is a 200% improvement on what we had before. The drains are free of grease and so far the service has been excellent"

Annette - Restaurant Manager, Squires Garden Centre, Long Ditton

"Just a few words on how pleased we are with the grease guzzler system it has now been installed for 3 months. the installation was carried out to a high standard and I would use Filta in future projects."

Building Services Manager - Guardian Newspaper Headquarters, London

Our service is carried out in 3 Stages:

Site Survey

Site Survey

Filta will survey your establishment, to correctly identify your requirements.



Our trained engineers will install a grease management system to suit your needs.



On a regular basis, we will ensure the equipment is working effectively & efficiently.

For more information about our grease management products and services or to discuss the requirements of your commercial kitchen, contact our team on 01788 550100.