Pump GT Blocks

Direct treatment of FOG in pump stations and grease traps

WatBio GT Blocks are 'cakes' of fat-degrading bacteria in powder form for use in grease traps or sewage pumping stations.

Available in a range of sizes (0.5kg, 5kg and 15kg), GT Blocks are suspended in the chamber of grease traps or sewage pumping stations where they slowly release fat-digesting bacteria directly into the problem area.

Using GT Blocks in Pumping Stations

Grease build-up in pump stations can cause major problems. Left untreated, grease forms a layer on the surface of the sump which can stop floats from moving and if allowed to accumulate around the pumps themselves, is likely to cause the pumps to overheat and burn out. The GT Block is suspended in the sewage pump station at the midway point between the start and stop float. This is so that as the effluent level rises it washes against the product causing the microorganisms to be released and to treat the grease layer directly.

Using GT Blocks in Grease Traps

Using GT Blocks on a grease trap will digest the fat, oil and grease layer. Effective treatment will reduce odours and also the frequency with which the trap is to be emptied.

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Site Survey

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