Tankering and Desludging Services

For packaged sewage treatment plants to operate effectively, they need regular emptying or 'de-sludging' using a vacuum tanker. The required frequency of de-sludge will depend on a number of factors including system type, system size and type of property. Physical de-sludging is a technical operation and it is essential that the tanker does not simply remove the liquid part of the element but the sludge layer and settled sediment.

Filta provide tankering services throughout the UK to ensure your system is in optimum condition for sewage treatment. To discuss your tankering requirements, contact us on 01788 550100.

Our service is carried out in 3 Stages:

Site Survey

Site Survey

Filta will survey your establishment, to correctly identify your requirements.



Our trained engineers will install a grease management system to suit your needs.



On a regular basis, we will ensure the equipment is working effectively & efficiently.

For more information about our water pumping solutions or to discuss the requirements of your commercial establishment, contact our team on 01788 550100.