About FiltaSeal

FiltaSeal provides a nationwide on-site supply and fitting service for any commercial replacement fridge and freezer door seals, all at an affordable price.

All of our fridge door seals are manufactured by one of our engineers on site, in the FiltaSeal van. The use of our patented technology allows us to replace nearly every fridge door seal on the market. Our unique service ensures the seal is 100% fitted correctly in the one call-out, meaning there is no lead time wasted between surveying the problem and producing the new door seal.

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Replace your door seal, not your fridge

Before our innovative service a faulty fridge or freezer door seal would have been a costly issue, causing disruption in your commercial kitchen and refrigeration engineers would have required at least two visits. The first visit would be to diagnose and measure the seal, then the seal would then have been ordered with the engineer again returning on a second visit to fit the seal, accumulating two call-out charges. With FiltaSeal however, one simple call to us guarantees you'll have your new door seal manufactured and fitted on the very day of our vist, so there's no need for distruption to your business.

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Award winning commercial fridge seal service

Our replacement fridge and freezer door seal specialists are proud winners of the Supplier Innovation Award 2018, awarded at the FSM Awards.

Find out more about what it means to have won this award in our recent article.

fridge seal replacement

fridge seal replacement

We fit seals for:

Upright Refrigerator Cabinets
Under Counter Chillers/ Freezer Bottle Coolers
Chest Freezers
Cold Drawers
Walk-in Chiller Cold Rooms
Walk-in Freezer Cold Rooms

Our fridge seal replacement service 

Did you know… a split or damaged seal makes your equipment use 3x more energy?

Each of our engineers carries a wide variety of seal profiles in their specially equipped van which are then selected, manufactured and fitted on the same day at a fixed price. The price of the seal is all you will pay.

This is achieved in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Check a Seal – Identify and measure the damaged door seal.
  2. Create a Seal – Select the correct profile and make the seal on site.
  3. FiltaSeal – The seal is 100% correctly fitted, first time, every time. 
replacement fridge seals save money

FiltaSeal not only reduces response time and downtime but also reduces costs. On average, the FiltaSeal service works out up to 40% less when compared with other replacement solutions on the market today. The price of the seal is all you will pay, we do NOT charge any call-out or labour charges on top! Contact us on 01788 550100. 

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