Health & Safety Concerns - Fridge Door Seals

It’s important that your fridge door seals are checked on a regular basis to ensure they meet the high standards required for food safety and to avoid legal issues.

One of the first things an environmental health officer (EHO) will check during an inspection is the refrigeration door seals. Any damaged seals could have a detrimental effect on a kitchen's ‘Food Hygiene Rating’ and could even lead to a kitchen being closed.

If they are split, damaged or fail to hold the door tightly shut then they will need to be replaced to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

By cleaning and replacing refrigeration door seals regularly you are also minimising the risk of food cross-contamination.

Damaged and Soiled Refrigerator Seals (Gaskets) from Commercial Food Premises: 

  • A Potential Reservoir for Food Pathogens
  • Split, damaged or worn seals are a haven for pathogens
  • A Pathogen is an agent that causes disease, especially a living microorganism such as a bacterium or fungus
  • Refrigeration prevents the growth of food spoilage organisms and slows or even stops the growth of many food-borne pathogen
  • To maintain the correct storage temperatures within the refrigeration cabinet/cold store it is essential to maintain an airtight seal between the refrigerated space and the surrounding ambient temperature
  • Under the taxing conditions found in commercial food premises, these seals need to be replaced every 3-18 months
  • By cleaning and replacing seals on a regular basis, the risk of food cross-contamination is significantly reduced or eradicated altogether

Save Energy with Replacement Fridge Door Seals

The replacement of a refrigeration door seal is not an expense but actually a saving… A damaged or worn seal will add to your energy running costs.

“Can you afford to not replace?”

Any damaged or worn refrigerator door seals significantly lower the efficiency of refrigeration unit adding unnecessary expenses to the energy running costs. For example, a damaged or worn door seal on an Under Counter Unit will increase monthly running costs by 12p per kWh. This adds up to an average of £42.00 per month PER UNIT!

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