Fridge Door Seal FAQ's

Find out all you need to know about our fridge and freezer door seals - from replacement to manufacturing - in our frequently asked questions. Each and every one of our fridge and freezer door seals are manufactured by one of our engineers on site, in the FiltaSeal van. The use of our patented technology allows us to replace nearly every door seal on the market!

Our team of leading refrigeration experts are always on hand to offer the guidance and knowledge you need to help ensure your refrigerator door seal replacement process runs smoothly. Get in touch today or take a look at the list of frequently asked questions below to find the answer you're looking for!

About FiltaSeal

There are a number of issues that suggest your fridge door seal may be broken or damaged, the most popular being that the door pops open repeatedly. This is usually due to a weakened seal that can no longer remain suctioned closed as it should.

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Your refrigerator or freezer door seal will provide an air tight barrier that holds your fridge or freezer closed. It is important that the seal is intact to ensure that no cool air is lost and that the appliance works energy efficiently.

Freezer and fridge door seals can break for many reasons, ranging from wear and tear as the seal reaches the end of its lifespan, to inefficient cleaning. To find out the best methods of fridge door seal maintenance, contact our team today.

On a physical level, the effects of a damaged fridge or freezer door seal could result in stale food and excess wastage, however, financially the effects could be even more severe. As well as having to spend extra money caused by wasted food, a damaged fridge door seal is likely to cause your refrigerator to use up to three times more energy – increasing your energy bills unnecessarily!

To find out how you could save yourself money and keep your business on track, contact our fridge door seal experts today.

The range of fridge and freezer door seals is almost infinite! Our seals are manufactured on site by one of our engineers using patented technology, meaning that no matter what type of door seal you need, we can provide it!

If your fridge or freezer door seal is damaged in any way, it is likely to be inflating your energy bills. By replacing your door seals and ensuring they are functioning as they should, the energy efficiency of your business is likely to improve.

Fridge and freezer door seals vary in price depending on size and model. For a free quote for a new door seal, contact our team today.

As long as you can tell us the make and model of your refrigerator or freezer, finding out which seal you need is simple. However, if you find that you are having trouble narrowing this down, feel free to get in touch with our experts – we’ll be glad to help!

We understand the importance of getting your refrigerator door seal replaced as soon as possible, contact our team today to schedule your door seal replacement.

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