Refrigerator door seals

Is it time to replace your fridge door seal?

Have you recently found that your refrigerator isn’t staying as cold as it used to? Your food is spoiling faster? Before you start looking for a new fridge you should check the refrigeration seal to see if its broken and cut back on unecessary energy usage!

If your refrigerator seal is eroding or not correctly fitting this means that there is no longer an air tight seal around your fridge, resulting in the refrigerator working harder to keep your food chilled and at the right temperature. The tripled usage of energy with a broken seal means there will also be an increase in your electric bills and carbon footprint, which can easily be fixed with a properly sealed refrigerator door that our fridge seal specialists have installed.

Fita-Seal’s unique service ensures your refrigerator seal will be 100% fitted correctly in only one call-out! Each of our engineers are equipped with a variety of seal profiles which are then selected, manufactured, and fitted your commercial refrigerator all on the same day at a fixed price!

Fridge door seal replacement

Signs of a broken fridge door seal:

  • Has the quality of your food decreased progressively? This is an indication of needing to replace the refrigerator seal - get in touch and resolve your issue today!
  • Does the refrigerator seal look new? Or is there any splits, holes, or areas where the refrigerator seal is coming loose? If yes then you need a replacement.
  • Another way of checking the seal is using a five-pound note (or any note) you can do this by opening the fridge door sliding the note halfway through the seal and close the door, then proceed to pull the note from the door completely. If the note came out of the door with some resistance then your seal is fine, although if it slides out with no resistance then this is an indication the seal is broken.
  • When was the last time you replaced your seal? Under Taxing Conditions for commercial food premises refrigerator seals need to be changed every 3-18 months, if you are approaching the deadline then choose Fita-Seal Service for a 100% guarantee on fitting correctly, and on average being 40% cheaper than our competitors.


Our professionally qualified team of engineers provide cost-effective commercial refrigeration door seal repair and optional monthly maintenance plans to suit all business requirements throughout the UK. Call our head office today for a free quote of our award-winning on-site replacement refrigeration door seal service on 01788 550100.