Commercial Freezer seals in Dudley

Your freezer is an integral part of your commercial kitchen or shop, keeping frozen produce at the required temperature and safe to eat. A fault with the door seal can significantly add to your electricity bill as well as posing a threat to health and safety.

Our freezer seal specialists can supply and fit replacement freezer seals for any commercial freezer unit in Dudley. Need a new freezer seal? Contact us today on 01788 550100.

Replacement freezer seals in Dudley

Freezer seals can break for many reasons and can be a costly issue, causing disruption in your commercial kitchen if ignored. Not only can a broken freezer seal triple the amount of energy used by your freezer, but it can lead to premature thermostat and compressor failure due to extended operation of the components.

A split or cracked freezer seal can also be detrimental to your health and safety rating. Food that’s kept in a freezer with a broken door seal is a potential reservoir for food pathogens. It’s important that freezer seals are checked on a regular basis to ensure that a good Food Hygiene Rating is met.

Minimise the risk of food cross-contamination and other potential risks by replacing your damaged freezer seal. Contact our team in Dudley on 01788 550100 to find out more.

fridge seal replacement

fridge seal replacement

Freezer seal replacement service in Dudley

Our freezer seal replacement service consists of three steps: checking the seal, creating a seal and fitting the seal. Our engineers will come to your establishment to identify and measure the damaged freezer seal, once the freezer seal has been identified, our engineers can select and manufacture a new seal. All our freezer seals are manufactured on-site which not only reduces response time but reduces call-out charges. After the freezer seal has been manufactured, the seal is 100% correctly fitted. The cost of the seal is all you will have to pay, there are no hidden costs, nor do we charge for any call-out fees. 

Are you looking for a freezer seal replacement service in Dudley? Our services are nationwide. Contact us on 01788 550100 today.

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