Fridge Seal Replacement in Kingston Upon Thames

A fridge seal replacement in Kingston Upon Thames has the power to transform your commercial kitchen by reducing energy bills, lowering risk of food poisoning and ensuring you remain compliant with strict health and safety regulations. The Filta Group have over 24 years of experience providing excellent commercial kitchen services to our clients around the world, which has lead to our wide success across the UK. 

We offer a truly unique FiltaSeal service that’s available nationwide, the service includes an on-site supply and fitting of a durable and reliable fridge seal replacement in Kingston Upon Thames. The fridge seal is measured and created in a member of our team’s FiltaSeal van to guarantee it will fit your commercial fridge perfectly. With products available at up to 40% lower than others on the market, our fridge seal replacements in Kingston Upon Thames offer quality as well as value for money that simply won't be beaten elsewhere. 

For more information about a fridge seal replacement in Kingston Upon Thames contact us today on 01788 550100.

fridge seal replacement kingston upon thames

Fridge seal replacement kingston upon thames

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The risks of a damaged fridge seal

Inflated energy bills

As fridge seals prevent cool air escaping they’re essential when maintaining a constant low temperature in your commercial fridge. Once fridge seals are damaged the cool air begins to escape, and your fridge has to work harder to maintain a cold environment by using more energy, which will increase your energy bills. 

Breaking health and safety regulations

During a health and safety inspection, one of the first things an environmental health officer will look out for is a damaged fridge seal. If your fridge seal is damaged or broken you are breaking food safety regulations and this could affect your food hygiene rating. You can avoid this risk by regularly checking the integrity of your fridge seals, or with a high-quality fridge seal replacement in Kingston Upon Thames by our experts.

Increased food waste & safety risk 

Food stock is sensitive to changes in temperature which is why it’s important to maintain a cool temperature to ensure it doesn't spoil at a rapid rate. It could even lead to food poisoning, which is not only a significant safety hazard, but can also be damaging to your business’s reputation.

We fit seals for:

Upright Refrigerator Cabinets
Under Counter Chillers/ Freezer Bottle Coolers
Chest Freezers
Cold Drawers
Walk-in Chiller Cold Rooms
Walk-in Freezer Cold Rooms