Replacement Fridge Seals

Broken or damaged fridge seals are a certain way to reduce your unit’s efficiency and ramp up your energy bills, as well as potentially produce more food waste due to inconsistent storage temperatures. Our Filtaseal service van will come to your location and replace your damaged fridge seals in just a single trip!

Is your commercial food establishment in need of replacement fridge seals? Put a stop to inflated bills and unnecessary food waste and contact us today on 01788 550100.

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The risks of damaged fridge seals

Inflated energy bills

There are numerous risks to your finances and credibility as a commercial food establishment associated with faulty fridge seals that you may not immediately consider. Fridge seals prevent cool air escaping and are essential for your fridge to maintain a constant temperature. Once the fridge seals are damaged and cool air begins to escape, your fridge must work harder to maintain its temperature, using more energy and increasing your bills.

Increased food waste & safety risk

Furthermore, food stock sensitive to changes in temperature could spoil at a more rapid rate when you have damaged or old fridge seals. In worst case scenarios, an unstable storage temperature could lead to a risk of food poisoning, which is not only a significant safety hazard, but can be hugely damaging for your business’ reputation.

Don’t risk losing money and customers if you have damaged fridge seals and contact us today on 01788 550100 for our replacement fridge seal service. We will get to you as soon as possible and our service is designed to cause little disruption to your business.

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Why choose us for your replacement fridge seals?

We understand that your time and money are essential in the commercial food industry, which is why all aspects of our Filtaseal replacement fridge seal service occur in just a single trip! Our range of fridge seals covers most brands and are manufactured in our van following an inspection to ensure ultimate efficiency. 

Our service also works out up to 40% cheaper than other fridge seal services on the market, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01788 550100!

We fit seals for:

Upright Refrigerator Cabinets
Under Counter Chillers/ Freezer Bottle Coolers
Chest Freezers
Cold Drawers
Walk-in Chiller Cold Rooms
Walk-in Freezer Cold Rooms

Our FiltaSeal service

All our FiltaSeal replacement fridge seals are manufactured on-site in our FiltaSeal Van with the use of patented technology which allows us to fit seals for nearly every make and model.

As our service is entirely provided on site in a single visit, our engineer can ensure that you get the right fridge seal with minimal disruption to your business and no lengthy wait time between measuring and fitting! Contact us today.