Sump Cleaning

Sewage pumping stations are prone to build-up of 'non-biological' matter which floats and forms a layer on the surface of the sump.

Over time, this build-up can prevent float switches operating and should the layer be drawn into the pumps themselves can lead to a blockage and system failure. To prevent failure and maximise the working life of the pumps, Filta recommend periodic desludging and washing down of the pump chamber. The frequency of sump cleaning depends upon the nature of the connected property, for example, a pub may require sump cleaning twice yearly or quarterly whereas a domestic system may only require cleaning once every two years.

Cleaning of the sump is typically carried out in conjunction with a Filta service engineers maintenance visit. Our engineers will be able to recommend a bespoke cleaning schedule for each site, thereby minimising costs by only cleaning when necessary.

Grease Problems in Pumping Stations

Accumulations of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) are a major cause of pump station problems for both private systems and network systems operated by UK Water Utilities. FOG build-up around pumps, floats and within the pump station pipework/manifold. FOG deposits can lead to premature pump wear and ultimately, total system failure.

However, many of these issues can be avoided using effective grease management equipment to either prevent FOG from entering the sump or controlling it as it enters using biological treatment to prevent it leading to problems. Indeed, effective management of grease can dramatically cut down the need for sump cleaning, in some cases to zero.

To find out how to prevent grease causing problems in your pump station, please visit the grease management section of this site, or get in touch by calling us on 01788 550100.

Our service is carried out in 3 Stages:

Site Survey

Site Survey

Filta will survey your establishment, to correctly identify your requirements.



Our trained engineers will install a grease management system to suit your needs.



On a regular basis, we will ensure the equipment is working effectively & efficiently.

For more information about our water pumping solutions or to discuss the requirements of your commercial establishment, contact our team on 01788 550100.